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Long Bennington Summer Solstice 23rd June  2017

The very popular Summer Solstice was once again a great night out for team LDR. With the attraction of a bottle is cider or craft ale for finishers there was quite a turn out. The headline new was a 1st place for the men's team with Phil Nind leading the way with Rob Sim, Rob Windard and Chris Tack in support. A great show from the LDR women too with Sarah Kaminski our 1st finisher. Well done to all who attended and enjoyed their summer cider or prosecco. Full results are on the Grantham RC website. 

North Lincs Half 7th May 2017

Kristian ROEBUCK M SEN 01:36:59
Thomas KIRMAN M SEN 01:38:01
Lois TACK F V35 01:53:57
Brian FOSTON M V70 01:54:27
Mark WEST M V40 02:36:26
Daisy WAKEFIELD F SEN 03:03:12

VMLM London Marathon 23 April 2017

So a few of us went down to London for THE marathon. Nothing new there but what an iconic event it is. For me it was my second run around this course for others their 1st, or even as many as 'too many to count'. For me every LDR runner out there had a great day and ran something special but would you please let me give praise to two runners. 1st it has to be Rob Windard who has become the clubs fastest runner over this course. Awesome running Rob you're an inspiration to us all. But hold on, talking of inspirational try doing a marathon at double Robs age. I'm sure he needs no introduction; Mr Brian Foston. I have previously mentioned in other race reports that Brian is no longer a junior runner, I hope he doesn't mind but this guy is in the over 70 age category and is still running marathons and attaining a good for age time. (Writer pauses and takes a bow while you all applaud). A pair of legends I hope you will all agree. Well done to team LDR at London, you've done us proud with PBs galore and £££s raised for good causes. I can't finish without saying thank you to the LDR support crew that were cheering all over the course and those that were following on line. What a day, what a race, oh and the ballot opens on 1st May for the 2018 marathon.

Place overall

Place gender

Place category


Runner no







» Anderson, Elizabeth Mary








» Banks, Stephen








» Cox, Sally Louise








» Foston, Brian








» Furnell, Andy








» Gittins, Paul








» Hipwell, Rob








» Nind, Philip








» Powell, Nicola








» Sim, Rob








» Treadwell, Rosalind








» Turrell, Ian Thomas








» Warnes, Leanne








» Windard, Robert





Andy Furnell London Marathon 23 April 2017

Having seen London Marathon on TV every year it was something I always dreamed of doing. In the 10 years that I've been running 10k races another year would keep going by when it came to ballot time that I never felt anywhere near up to doing it. After all, I'd not even achieved my goal of a half marathon when I finally decided to enter the ballot in 2015 - although I did subsequently run two of them before the full marathon came around. As it takes most people at least several ballot attempts before they get in so I might as enter the ballot - and if I did get in, well I'd just have to do something to get fit for it. Sure enough, a few months later I got the acceptance magazine through the post and I'd got in at the first attempt. By this time I was going through a bit of a bad patch anxiety wise which didn't improve over the next few months so was doing very little running. So deferring until 2017 was going to have to be done - but I knew that I would have to make sure I did get there in 2017 as I certainly did not want to miss out on my place which could take years to get another chance. I worked my back into running by getting along to more regular parkruns on Saturday mornings – with the added incentive of reaching my 50th which I reached in February of this year. Longer runs were proving difficult but with the help of other runner’s I did get back up to running 10k distance but no further by the time the marathon came round. But I felt confident that whatever I couldn’t run on the day, I could walk and still get round within the 8 hour cut off time. The other thing that came about in this time was that I'd decided to raise money for Mermaids, a charity that supports young transgender people as I had recently been coming out as transgender to friends and work colleagues locally. The charity thing proved to be very important to me personally and also proved a significant incentive in making sure I got to the start line. Before the big weekend came around I was able to enjoy a quiet Easter break and also a couple more days off work to try to get as relaxed as possible. I also got my nails done in the colours of the transgender flag to provide further inspiration and reminder of my 'Reason to Run'. So I headed down to London on the Saturday morning and, from Kings Cross, headed across London to Excel, to collect my race number. I was particularly grateful that two transgender friends who I knew on-line but had never met in person had offered to meet me - one at Excel and the other after the finish on the Sunday. I was arriving in London before my hotel check in time so took my case down to Excel with me which was a rather unwanted burden. It was horrendously busy at Excel but I got my race number and chip sorted and had chance for a chat with my friend Christine there before she had to head off for work. I didn't feel like hanging round at Excel for much longer so headed back to my hotel. So on the day itself, breakfast in my hotel room as had to head off before they were serving breakfast. Train journey went OK to Blackheath and was in plenty good time for the start. So after waiting around for a bit, used the loos and handed my baggage over and made my way to the start. Anxiety levels seemed reasonably OK at this point - nervous, yes, but not overly so and felt capable of running when the time came. Which it did, after about 15 minutes of making our way gradually to the start line. I carried on running and was feeling OK - thinking I would try to aim to run the first 10k if I could before doing any walking. I heard my name called and was about to be passed early on by Laura Forbes from Witham Runners - was surprised to see she was still behind me at that point. In the end it was at 7k that I first stopped to walk awhile before starting to run again. The first major landmark was Cutty Sark at about 6 and a half miles and, by this time, I was walking again as we went past. As I moved onto the next stretch, the crowds of spectators got really busy and noisy for the first time and I was really struggling with this. What got into my mind at this point was, that the first stretch had been well supported, but it had just gone up to a level outside my comfort zone and it felt like, as we were going to move more towards central London that it was likely to stay this way for the remainder of the race. After a while though, things did quiten down again and I managed to calm down again and got running again.. During this stretch between Rotherhithe and Tower Bridge, I was passed by a girl from Bradford who made a point of encouraging me on as she'd noticed I was from Lincoln. Good to see that 32 years on from the Bradford fire, that Bradford folk still remember us and look out for us. At this point, though, the spells of running were becoming less and less and, by mile 11 onwards I found myself walking and not running. Looking at the time I had achieved at that point, it did appear that my intended 6 hours was still achievable even if I walked the vast majority of the remainder. So I kept on walking - Tower Bridge was certainly a highlight visually - but the noise of the crowds became intense again so not helping me keep on top of my anxiety and so it continued as we headed eastwards on the North side of the Thames. At this point, having just reached half way, we had faster runners coming down the other side of the road having just completed 22 miles. That actually seemed to take away the benefit of getting half way away from me - as seeing the 22 mile mark on the other side just made me think of how I'd got to go still to achieve that instead of just focussing on what lay immediately ahead. But at least soon after the intensity of the crowds let up again which helped me again. As we weaved our way around the Isle of Dogs though, I could feel the tiredness setting in and my fast walk seemed to be starting to slow a bit. Also, at this point, my Garmin was showing as on low battery. It just hadn't occurred to me that I needed to make sure it was fully charged up the night before. I had been using this to set small goals to reach but was now to be denied this and would only have the mile and km markers to aim for. So I just had to persist and push myself on. I stopped have a word with the 'Fetch Everyone' support team at 22 miles as I was registered with them and they were expecting to see someone with nails done specially - so was able to show them off. By this time, the remaining miles were feeling more achievable and finally the Houses of Parliament came into sight and onto the final spectacular stretch. It was great to see Buckingham Palace appear on the left and the final turn and that famous finish line that I'd seen on TV so many times was in view so I finally managed my first bit of running in 15 miles to make it to the finish line. So with medal received, goody bag picked up and baggage I was feeling well and truly weighed down. So I was hugely grateful to Claire S who had agreed to meet me at the finished and carry my bags. We ate at Pizza Hut then headed back to my hotel to drop my bags off before having a final drink. Claire had also very thoughtfully brought me some post-marathon supplies that she thought I might need. This is typical of the great support we receive from each other in the trans community. Surprisingly, my legs were working quite well at this time and turned out to be fine the next day. The worst problems I had were a blister on one foot and some sunburn and obviously just very tired as I didn't manage to sleep that well on the night after the race. But I headed back to Lincoln, the proud owner of a London Marathon medal that had been hard won. I felt I had coped with the anxiety and gender disphoria issues well on the day as they could have easily put be right out of action over such a long distance. I deliberately haven't mentioned many people in this write up other than those I met at the weekend as there are so many people deserving a mention for their support I would be bound to miss someone. So just to say thanks to all those who have offered their encouragement and those who contributed to the sponsorship. When it came down to it, it was the amount of money that had been paid to the Mermaids charity that meant I had to deliver my side of the bargain.



Barcelona Half Marathon 12 Feb 2017

Kenya’s Florence Kiplagat once again took an overwhelming victory at the eDreams Mitja Marato Barcelona, an IAAF Silver Label Road Race, winning comfortably in 1:08:15.

Her time was more than three minutes outside the half marathon world record of 1:05:06 set by her compatriot Peres Jepchirchir in Ras Al Khaimah last Friday, but Kiplagat – who broke the world record at this race in 2014 and 2015 – had stated before the race that she was not targeting a world record.

The windy conditions clearly hampered the athletes’ efforts. Paced by Kenyan Dickson Kipchumba and Spain’s Marc Roig, Kiplagat had requested a steady 3:10 steady pace with them for the first half of the race. As agreed, the trio reached the 5km point in 15:47, 37 seconds ahead of the chasing group formed by USA’s Sara Hall, Ethiopia’s Kuma Dibaba, Ireland’s Fionnuala Mc Cormack and Portugal’s Jessica Augusto.

Dibaba finished second in 1:09:49 while Augusto took the third place on the podium in 1:10:36, some 43 seconds ahead of a fading Hall with McCormack completing the top five in 1:11:35.

Closely behind the pack of elite runners came Louisa and Ellie Dennett, the mother and daughter team representing Lincoln & District Runners. This was a first run over the 21.1km distance for Ellie and the pair smashed through the 2 hour barrier with no problems.

“I’m satisfied with my win but also a little bit disappointed as the wind has annoyed me a lot,” said Ellie Dennett, “We crossed the finish line together yet somehow I still managed to beat my mother by 3 or 4 places. I would have liked to run under 1:06 today but at this early stage of the season I’m not at my peak as I’m still in full preparation for the London Marathon in April. I love to come back to Barcelona every year; I realise people already know me and really appreciate me.”

Over in the men’s race I started well, fuelled on a breakfast of strong black Spanish coffee to try to clear my head after the last night’s tequila. I managed to maintain my pace and finished strong with a PB just dipping under my target time for a sub 1:40.

The race was well organised and ran through the wide streets of the city centre.



Steve Banks 1:39:58

Ellie Dennett 1:57:12

Louisa Dennett 1:57:12

Eyam Half Marathon - 17th May 15

The Eyam Half Marathon takes place in The Plague Village of Eyam in the Peak District and bills itself as 'one of the toughest half marathons of the year with spectacular views over five counties'.  It is a single loop circuit which is run entirely on road. The course passes through the hamlets of Bretton and Abney, skirts around Eyam Moor, and returns to Eyam via Sir William Hill. The race involves an accumulated ascent of over 1,600 feet.
This was the first time I'd done this race however I don't think it'll be the last.  It is a really well organised race with a very friendly local feel about it.  On arrival there is plenty of parking for the 500 or so runners and plenty of public toilets with no queues cater for those last minute nerves as you contemplate the demanding ascents to come.  The race itself is really well marshalled and supported all the way round with loads of water stops and jelly babies on offer.
From my perspective, it was probably the hardest road race I've done, which I didn't really pay enough respect to beforehand.  This meant complete detonation at both 4.5mi and 9.5mi - they were some serious ascents. Once the 2 significant ascents are out of the way there is a final mile with a 300ft drop in elevation which makes for some ridiculous garmin stats (sub 5minute mile!)
All in all though it was a really enjoyable well organised race which was well worth travelling for - great atmosphere, support, and marshalling; amazing scenery; loads of parking, toilets, and water - and it even finished at the front door of the Miner's Arms who were serving beer and burgers.  Definitely one to do again.




Andrew Riding     1:39:04

Nikki Gratton     2:01:31

Cressbrook Crawl Fell Race - 9th May 15

The Cressbrook Crawl is a fell race in the beautiful Derbyshire Peak District not far from Chatsworth House.  It is a very friendly local race which starts and finishes at the village social club and this year attracted 108 runners.  A testing course with 1100' of ascent over just 6.5mi, it is run on trails and paths around a loop of the Wye Valley.  It is a well marked course with plenty of marshalls and so it is an excellent race for the fell running novice as well as the seasoned vet.

Despite the rain threatening all morning, this year the weather was excellent meaning that the conditions underfoot were thankfully not too treacherous on the descents!  Once the LDR faithful had conquered the final brutal climb to the finish they were rewarded with a pint of 'Swift Nick' from the local Peak Ales brewery - just desserts for some tremendous efforts all round!  Home cooked food was also available at the finish for just £3 (on top of the bargain £7 cost of the race) and we were encouraged to eat as much as we could as they had plenty enough to go around - Marcus didn't need asking twice and some reports suggest he achieved 7 different pieces of cake to accompany his pint of Swift Nick!  The outing was rounded off by a quick stop on the way home at the Corner Ale Store in Chesterfield for some additional replenishment of the reserves which had been depleted in the beautiful limestone hills of the Peak District.  Perfect.




Andrew Riding    55:34

Peter Burgon     58:11

David Garraghty     58:14

Marcus Saunders     58:45
Simon Bilton     58:46
Nick Lyons     1:01:59
Leanne Warnes     1:06:19
Rosalind Treadwell     1:13:50
Kathryn Lambert     1:16:42
Trudy Sharpe     1:28:05

London Marathon - 26th April 15

What a great day - fantastic effort from all the Lincoln District Runners who experienced this event. Support was awesome, especially from those that travelled down just for that.


London Marathon - 26th April 

Jon Hobbs  2:51.16

Paul Gittins  3:05.59

Sarah McDonnell  3:27.54

Sally Cox  3:28.10

Paul Whyte  3:28.19

Simon Young  3:35.11

Mark Nott  3:39.13

Jason Healy  3:43.50

Jonathan Radford  3:46.03

Emma Marshall 3:46.31

Tim Walker  3:53.45

Kristie Holroyd  4:20.57

Sam hunt  4:28.48

Lois Tack  4:28.49

Natalie Miles  4:46.42

Caroline Roden-Davies  4:55.20


Any more pictures for the gallery please send them to for inclusion below.


LDRs - Natalie Miles - London Marathon Race Report - HOSPICE UK

This probably encapsulates everyones expereince of London, beit this year or previous years.

Thanks Nat for great Race Report, lets please have more as we all strive to achieve our aims. I'm sure you can still sponsor Nat or all of our other runners from London, so once again well done to all and enjoy this read!!



Time to grab your cuppas, pints, glasses of wine (maybe a bottle) - race report coming up, goodness knows how this'll go, bit like Sunday really wink emoticon

My London Marathon race started way before 10.10am Sunday 26th April 2015. In reality it started a whole year ago I had no idea it was going to be as awesome as it really was. Leaving for London early Saturday morning and the butterflies started, this was not just excitement, this was nerves and I've never experienced them like this before.

Expo - atmosphere fab, straight in to get my number I was so excited it was unreal and couldn't believe I was actually going to do this. As I was stood at the desk I had my phone out as my ID was in the case and I saw an update flash up - someone from Team Hospice UK was stuck in Glasgow, his train had been cancelled!!! He was not going to make the 5pm cut off time to get his number. Nat to the rescue. Told the fabulous volunteers at the desk and they suggested I speak to the help desk. Really important this, you're not supposed to be able to pick up numbers for other people unless you've got all the right docs/ID etc.... I had nothing, didn't even really know the poor guy. Got in touch with him and ran across to the helpdesk, flashed my best, desperate smile I could muster up and pleaded his case - the stuff you'd expect, all that money he's raised for charity and all the training about to go to waste..... you get the picture. Phone handed over to the help desk guy, blagging in full swing now and what do you know - I've got that slip of paper and we're back to the volunteers I spoke to before!! All was well but crikey lucky, lucky, lucky!!! Team Hospice UK was back up to full speed again smile emoticon

Sunday comes around and I don't know how I got to sleep so early but I did but I was awake from 4am worrying about toilet issues of all things... I'll spare you the details but pleased to report all was fine in that department. Onto the start, meeting a lot (unfortunately not all) of Hospice UK team and volunteers at the pub in Greenwich. Atmosphere fantastic, team photo and then we were walked up to our starting area, excitement getting a bit bonkers now. 

Toilets... always queues but they weren't too bad in fairness. Managed to break the handle off the one I went in, I thought it was the lock, clearly wasn't and I don't know how but it was in my hand and no longer attached to the door... More chatting with other Hospice UK runners and we start wandering towards the starting pens... another queue for the loo except this time they were female urinals - had no idea what this was all about but only one way to wink emoticon Basically, you get this cardboard thingy that you're supposed use while standing at the urinal - there was a lot of giggling going on at this - me and several others just squatted - trouble was, I laughing too much I couldn't pee so gave up.

Into the pen and it was awesome, I was pen 8 so only one more pen behind me and Gill, who had stuck together. Seeing some of the fancy dress guys coming through was fab and I was in awe of all the "rhinos" I honestly thought there were just a couple of them, there was a whole line of them!!! Looked fantastic but I couldn't get a pic, wish I could have though. Atmosphere was buzzing and the nerves were rising. Plan was to have a gel when I got to the pen, couldn't face it so it was delayed for a little while.

We knew the race had started but it was going to take us 20 minutes to reach the start, much quicker than I expected. We turned the corner and there it was, I can't describe the feeling I had at that moment. 

I don't normally get nervous before a race but I sure as hell was for this one. The last 3 weeks of training had fallen apart. I had been very poorly, it wasn't just a bit of a cold, it had been mild flu and then my eye problems, I knew it was far from the best prep for this race. Everything was racing through my head but there was nothing more I could do. Gill, you will have no idea how you kept my feet on the ground for that walk up, thank you!!

And then I saw more toilets right before the start. Did I go? No. Silly really as my time would not start till I crossed the line but I just wanted to get over it - so off we went!!

Crowds were amazing, the only gaps in the crowds were when we went through the tunnels later in the race. People were hanging out of their windows. music blaring out, people shouting my name, singing along to the tunes the atmosphere was just simply awesome, I was having a fab time!!! 

I saw more loos at mile 2 (there's a bit of a theme here, I know!!) and decided that I was being silly and I didn't need a pee. I knew there were more in a couple of miles anyway, before I got to them I decided to go to these, thinking the queues would be worse further on. Just a handful of people in front of me but we didn't seem to be moving very fast at all, despite the line of loos. We joked that we didn't want to go into the first couple as they had been so long, it was getting a bit ridiculous so we decided to knock on the doors and discovered that most of them hadn't been unlocked!!!! Queue was growing behind us so me and a South African guy in the queue decided it was time to find a way in. They're quite easy to break into it seems and big cheers broke out as we did it. So after what seemed like an age - the toilet issue was sorted and I could finally forget the pee issues and get on with the running! That was why my first 5k was so slow (for me) and my next 5k seemed so fast!

I knew where Hospice UK had cheer points and I knew which ones my fabulous family were going to be at. First one was at mile 6, near the Cutty Sark. I was having an absolutely fantastic time but I almost missed them!! I suddenly heard "Mum" being yelled and spun round - that's the pic that was taken that's on my cover photo now. I was feeling great at that point and completely loving it all.

Caught up with Gill again and called her from behind - blasted my latest adventures off to her before scooting off again - she says I made her laugh - hope so because I was chuckling at everything.

I had complete admiration for all the people running in fancy dress, the T-Rex was definitely the best, I beat Jesus and his cross and managed to get stuck for a while behind the giant testicle and the giant boob.

Every time I saw another Hospice UK runner I tried to say hello, wasn't always possible unfortunately though. All the way through it was easy to get boxed in but people had no problem in letting you through if you asked, definitely the friendliest race I've ever done.

The signs people had were great to read but I'm sure the ones about beer far outweighed any others... Runners may have a bit of a reputation wink emoticon

My first real lump in my throat moment on the course was when I turned a corner and there was London Bridge - I was halfway, feeling strong and about to run over, for me, an iconic symbol of the marathon. The crowds were superb, I don't think I stopped smiling all the way across and I was still feeling very strong. Hospice UK cheer point again and I found a couple of our runners too to go past with.

I was feeling very strong right up to mile 15. Legs started to feel a bit heavy. Slowed the pace (I think I did, still not checked my stats yet!!). 

Mile 17. Calves were cramping up. Not experienced this on a run before and I didn't like it. I stopped a couple of times to try and stretch them out, it wasn't working. Mind over matter was needed here.

Canary Wharf was coming up and I thought the crowds were at their absolute best here. They were so loud, they were shouting my name and willing me on. Pain, although I was aware it was there, just didn't matter, I couldn't help but smile and keep going.

I was beginning to really break down. Pain on the inside of my right knee, this did worry me, not had a single problem with my knees since I started running, now was not the time for it to start. Quads were aching, ankles feeling weak, sore toes, burning feet, it wasn't good at all. 

Those last miles hurt - more than I could ever imagine they would. I had to walk at times although that still hurt. Any inclines were now going to be walked. I felt awful walking past the crowds but they did not let me down. One group were so happy when I took half a banana off them, have to say though they taste disgusting to me after 20 odd miles!! I did wait till I got out of sight of them before I disposed of it smile emoticon Although jelly beans, wow they do taste amazing when you're exhausted!! 

I can't remember which mile it was but it was near the end. We had to run through a tunnel, there were no crowds in there but they had music blaring out. Take That's, Never Forget. That song makes me cry anyway, it was the song they played at Jack and Hannah's primary school leaving assembly, always gets me. I was walking through there, I had picked up a lucozade and drinking it between sobs. I was in agony and feeling very low. Thankfully, before I left that tunnel, Katy Perry's Roar came on and I managed to pull myself together, well I thought I had. On leaving that tunnel a marshall asked me if I was ok and when I said yes she asked me if I was sure - perhaps I was looking as crappy as I had felt...

Right before mile 23 I was just in a state and it was a marshall who called to me "Nat run under that 23 mile marker!!" Well I couldn't let him down now could I? So off I went again, didn't see the photographer just after there but I have a pic and I was flipping smiling still!!! 

24 miles - the crowds are yelling "only 2 miles to go" and all I can think is "Only, really, only!!" It was a run, walk situation but I was trying so hard to push because I wanted that finish line and I wanted it quick. I knew I had missed my sub 4:30 but I didn't want to hit 5 hours, I'd have been gutted with that.

I knew there was another cheer point at 25 miles and I knew Euan, Jack and Hannah were going to be there and I was so glad to see them. 

One more mile to go and a mile has never seemed so long. You get to the Mall and there's a post saying 800m, I just cried, I had to walk again!!! I picked up again with 600m to go and I just had to get there. And I did, and then the tears...

The volunteers were all fabulous. I got my medal and the marshall behind came and gave me the biggest hug, I needed it!! On to get my goody bag, disappointed they had run out of my size in t-shirts but I have a baggy one at least smile emoticon Onto the lorries to find my bag and by now I was just shuffling along. I wanted to just crash but knew I wouldn't get back up. Another runner walked/shuffled with me, I was hugging my bag, I couldn't get anything out because that would mean stopping, impossible!! 

Found my way to the Hospice UK meeting point where I just cried again and the lovely volunteer helped me get my jacket out and carried my bag for me. Onto the conference centre where we were all meeting and I found Euan, Jack and Hannah right before. So pleased to see them and Euan picked me up so I didn't have to climb up the 4 or 5 steps into the building, it really was that bad!!

Hospice UK, the charity I ran for were amazing all the way through. More hugs (sorry I stank!!), smiles and tears. They had a team of people offering massages and Sav who had to deal with me, was fab and I'm sure he is the reason why my feet feel fine now (shame my legs don't as well, but that would take a miracle!)

I could not have done the marathon without all the support I've had from Euan, Jack and Hannah - I love you guys to bits!! And also, everyone who has supported me on here, you have all been stars smile emoticon

Of course, alongside the running there's been a whole load of fundraising gong on. I am so proud to say that I have raised, with your help, in the region of £2,400!!! I will update when I know the final figure, but that won't be for a couple of weeks or so yet. 

If you're even thinking of running a marathon, really try and do London - the atmosphere surely can't be matched by anywhere else. Choose a charity that means a lot to you, Hospice UK is definitely my charity and after all the support I've had from them, they will always be the one for me. I love the work I do for my local hospice and to think that the money I have raised could help any hospice in the UK is special to me.

So that was my journey to the Virgin Money London Marathon 2015. There will be some updates (still got to sort the pics out!) but thank you to all of you who have shared and followed my journey. smile emoticon

Paris Marathon - 12 April 15

Full details and report once we get it, but fantastic effort from everyone involved.


Race Report from Ros Treadwell


With 3 London marathons under my belt, all completed at just a couple of minutes over 4 hours, I had a huge wish to do both an overseas marathon and crack the sub 4 hour. So I chose Paris with its wide streets and flat course to achieve my goal and the lure of some good French red wines to celebrate. I was also very fortunate to have Jonathan Hobbs, a fellow LDR member, offer to help me get my desired time. So began a gruelling 15 week training plan with mileage averaging 40 to 45 miles per week but it had to be done if I wasn’t going to let myself or Jonathan down.


So the big weekend arrives and it was off to Le Salle de Running to register along with fellow LDR friend, Lisa Elsender, who was making Paris her debut marathon. She has since told me that it was her last marathon as well but I’m not so sure. The day before the actual race was cold and overcast and I was disappointed as I’m one of those weird runners who does better when its warm. Lisa and me had a short run to check out the route to the start and got an “Eiffel” of that tower on the way. We then met up with a couple of other LDR pals, Brian Foston and Liz Anderson for a bit of lunch. Lisa was not very impressed with my choice of snails in garlic butter.


Then the big day was finally here and yes it was warm and sunny. The start of the race was brilliantly organised along the Champs Elysees. However that was where the wide streets ended and the flat but frequently cobbled narrower streets started. The other big surprise in store was that there were no barriers to stop spectators crossing to the other side in front of you and this they duly did along with their cycles, prams and pets. In spite of that and the fact that I had an enormous blister from mile 23 onwards it was a great race, atmosphere and best of all a finish time of 3 hours, 53 minutes and 35 seconds for me. I celebrated at the finish with a carton of chips and a plastic cup of red wine sat on the path in front of the Arc de Triomphe. 


It would’ve been nice to have met up with the other LDR runners who took part, Louisa Dennett, Jason Healy, Nathan Addlesee, Adam Round and Jennifer Balls but I hope they had a great time as well. In fact I know that Louisa enjoyed it so much she has entered into the ballot for next year already.

Belchford 3 Churches 10K - 12 April 2015

Paris Marathon on, so small contingent travelled to Belchford 3 Churches 10K, although not a club member (yet!!) it was Michal Notts 1st ever 10K.

Full results later but in the region of 46 for Michael 51 for John and 53 for Lois on what was a very windy and hilly course.

Well done to all 3.

Ashby 20 - 22 Mar 15

With the Lincoln 10K on those with Marathon aspirations this Spring travelled off to Ashby for the annual 20. All eagerly awaiting to see what colour the hoodies were this year.


Full race report later

Lincoln 10K

Full race report soon.

Gainsborough and Morton Striders 10K - 15 Mar

Race sharpener for a few hardy souls, great runs from both Simon and Tim.




Simon Blackman 38:55

Tim Westlake 46:02


Newton Fractions Half - 15 Mar

An old favourite saw a number of the green army make the short trip to run Newton Fractions Half Marathon. Great first ever Half from Sam Hunt as she continues her training to the real thing in April. Well done to all.




Andy Powell 1:19:31

Kaoru Shimada 1:20:44

Tim Walker 1:42:07

Liz Anderson 1:51:35

Ros Treadwell 1:55:49

Brian Foston 1:55:59

Lisa Elsender 1:58:12

Sam Hunt 1:59:14

Retford Half Marathon  - 8 Mar


A couple of the green army went out to Retford for the Half and had a great time. Results:


Jack Thomas 1:52:00

Alison Bowley 1:54:26

Grindleford Gallop

Grindle Gallop gave everyone a stern test of endurance and stamina, great time had by all, though they wouldnt admit it at the time.




Jonathon Hobbs 2:44:52

Marcus Saunders 3:17:37

Nick Lyons 3:29:30

Simon Young 3:35:47

Nikki Gratton 3:55:19

Kathryn Lambert 4:22:26

Steve Banks 4:30:32

Sleaford Half Marathon

Excellant turn out from LDR on a slightly chilly day whihc got windier as it went on saw some good results from the brave souls who ran. congrats to everyone, especially Andy Jones for completing his first ever Half Marathon - full next ??.


Sleaford Half marathon LDR results:


Andrew Powell 1:20:33

Simon Young 1:36:18

Anna Mongan 1:40:38

Christopher Clay 1:47:57

Tim Westlake 1:48:34

Louisa Dennett 1:55:52

Jack Thomas 1:56:45

Brian Foston 2:01:30

Lois Tack 2:12:17

Edwinstowe Christmas 10K

A bright but slightly chilly day greeted a small cntingent of LDR to the Edwinstiwe Christmas 10K, this trial route through the woods of Sherwood Forest takes you past the Mighty Oak (not that everyone noticed!!!!!!) Great race, very well organissed and marshalled and a good t-shirt. Top day out and well done to all.



Mark Nott 43.10

Steve Taylor 44.32

John Nott 49.16

Jack Thomas 49.44

Leanne Warnes 52.33

Sarah Washbourn 66.04

Roger Wells 68.01

Stanage Struggle 2014 - 7th Dec 14

Stanage Struggle was once again a great success with beautiful weather. A good turn out from the LDR Green Army saw some good results

Jack Thomas's report from the Bolsover 10k: It was a wonderfully organised event and three members took part in this. Good conditions to start with although quite a fresh wind. The course was quite undulating and testing in places. The first mile was quite flat, the second mainly downhill, the third a steady climb. On the fourth we started running into the wind and the fifth mile was a bit of a battle. On the run in the atmosphere was fantastic and a great way to end the season.

New member Jack Thomas ran 2 pbs over the last weekend. On Saturday fastest 5k time at Lincoln parkrun clocking 23.52 and the following day at Edwinstowe 10k Trail Race with a new pb of 50.47.He reports that Edwinstowe is a nice friendly trail event and was very well marshalled and organised. It was quite a hilly course with very few flat sections and quite stony and uneven in places so to pb there was most satisfying. 

The final results are now in for the Club Championship, thanks to all those who took part, and well done to winners Robert Windard and Ros Treadwell! Suggestions of races for next year's championship are welcome, send us a email or speak to Ian on a club night.

The inaugural Lincoln parkrun was a huge success, with 276 entrants it was one of, if not the biggest first races for a UK parkun. See here for more details of how to register to run in this free weekly 5k event at Boultham Park.

Well done to Kaoru Shimada for winning the South Kyme 3 Rivers Challenge 15 mile race on 3rd November.

Sunday 27th October was a busy and windy day for club runners, 7 members did the Worksop Halloween Half, 1 did the Brigg Poppy 10k and 16 more were at the first Lincs Cross Country event this year at RAF Cranwell.

Steve Banks's report from the Yorkshire Marathon, York: "The race started and finished at the university, went through the city and out through countryside and villages. Advertised as flat but there did seem to be a lot of uphill sections! Good support and we'll organised."

Simon Young reported back from the Leicester Marathon: "It was a wet and windy day but once we got going it was fine. It was a good race with the only issue being that the chip timing system failed. It looks like it was caused by the fact that the chips were in plastic pouches stuck on the back of the race number. Loads of them fell off in the rain. The organisers have put a provisional time on the web site using a manual effort at getting a best estimate."

Over the weekend 5th/6th October, there was a good turnout for the Mablethorpe Half and Full Marathon, Mark Anderson was top club runner for the half and Robert Windard for the full. Dave Garraghty was down under for the West Sydney Half (definitely the furthest outing for an LDR vest, beat that!). Also Steve Froggatt's report from the Clumber Park 10k: "Very well organised race, called a trail race but 2/3rds road and the rest was nearly all gravelled track".

Club Member's Race Results are posted here, send us an email if you want any results putting on.  Please also feel free to email any race reports you want posting on this page or any other running achievements, PB's etc.

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