Championship 2021

Welcome to the LDR 2021 Club Championship

Welcome to the Lincoln & District Runners 2021 Club Championship. It's still a funny old time which means at the beginning of 2021 we are unable to meet up as a club, or participate in any races.


However, that doesn't stop us all from running and training. We have put together a series of virtual events for the first few months of the year, with hopefully some real events filling the remainder of the 2021 calendar. There is the incentive of great prizes on offer for the winning men and ladies at the end of the year. Details of events are shown further down the page, but here are the general rules of the competition.


Club Championship Rules

  • Only 1 entry per event.
  • Virtual events finish on the last day of the month that the challenge begins.
  • All virtual event results should be emailed to LDR (you can email here) with Strava/Garmin evidence (screenshot etc.).
  • There is a seperate competition for men and ladies.
  • 10 points are allocated to the fastest time, descending to 1 point for 10th place.
  • 5 bonus points per event for the maximum elevation for the run.
  • 5 bonus points for completing every event in the championship.


That's it. Good luck everyone!

2021 Championship Events

Please find the championship events below. Click on the row for results / further details for that event. Remember to email your results before the end of the month for virtual events


Event # Event + Location Date / Time
1 Virtual 5K January 2021
2 Virtual 10K February 2021
3 Virtual 10Miles March 2021
4 Virtual Half Marathon April 2021
5 Viking Way 5 Miles May 2021
6 Lincoln Imps Challenge July 2021
7 Lincoln 10K October 2021

2021 Club Championship Standings

Final Standings after 7 Events (* indicates 5 bonus points for taking part in all 7 events).

Men Ladies
Name Points Name Points
Dave Hunter 57 Trish Jackman 74 *
Chris Sutton 52 * Leanne Warnes 70 *
Tom Hansen 48 Nicki Powell 38
Nathan Addlesee 43 Simone Dark 36
Sam Spencer 43 Emma Hindley 34
Nathan Hart 23 Anna Mongan 31
Marcus Lancastle 19 Lucy Darby 24
Tim Butler 18 Clare Hunter 21
Chris Oak 16 Ros Treadwell 14
Darren Isaac 15 Fiona Usher 7
Louis Sime 15 Beth Harris 5
John Taylor 14 Katrina Harris 5
Ben Hadfield 8 Christine Wells 3
Lukas Kurunda 5 Becky Kelly 3
Simon Young 4 Sam Grant 1
Alastair Jenkins 4 Sophie Gibbs 1
Darren Pick 3    
Peter Wells 2    
Toby Forbes Turner 2    
Peter Vernon 2    
David Albans 1    
Brian Foster 1