Championship 2022

Welcome to the LDR 2022 Club Championship

Welcome to the Lincoln & District Runners 2022 Club Championship. It's great to be back and able to put on a full calendar of proper races again this year, after last years cancellations and virtual fest.


As always there is the incentive of great prizes on offer for the winning men and ladies at the end of the year. Details of events are shown further down the page, but here are the general rules of the competition.


Club Championship Rules

  • Only 1 entry per event.
  • 10 points are allocated to the fastest time, descending to 1 point for 10th place.
  • There is a seperate competition for men and ladies.
  • Best 10 Events will count towards the club championships.
  • In the event of a tie, most 1st places, 2nd places etc. will be used to determine the positions.
  • For the LWAC 5K series, 5 bonus points are awarded for completing all events in the series.
  • For the Lincs XC events, 5 bonus points are awarded form completing all events in the series.
  • For the club hosted Skellingthorpe 10K event, 5 points will be given to anyone volunteering on the night.


If an LWAC 5K event falls on the same evening as the LDR Track night, then you have the option to run the 5K on the track, and that time will be used. It will also count as part of the series and still be eleigible for the bonus 5 points.


That's it. Good luck everyone!

2022 Championship Events

Please find the championship events below. Click on the row for further details or results for that event. 

* As race dates are finalised the table will be updated. Cancelled races will be removed from the championship.


Event # Event + Location Date / Time
1 Sleaford Half Marathon TBC
2 Boston Half / Full Marathon 18 April 2022
3 Cressbrook Crawl May 2022 TBC
4 Skellingthorpe 10K June 2022 TBC
5 Lincoln 10K TBC
6 Summer Solstice 10K 17 June 2022
7 Humber Bridge Half 26 June 2022
8 Caistor Sting in the Tail 10K 17 July 2022
9 Heckington 10 Mile 30 July 2022
10 Sleaford 10K August 2022 TBC
11 Bassingham Bash 5 Miles September 2022 TBC
12 Newton Fraction Half (Grantham) September 2022 TBC
13 Lincolnshire Wolds 10 Miles 22 June 2022
14 Stanage Struggle 6.2 Mile Fell Race September 2022 TBC
15 Lincoln Half Marathon 18 September 2022
16 LWAC 5K Series Race 1 31 May 2022
17 LWAC 5K Series Race 2 28 June 2022
18 LWAC 5K Series Race 3 26 July 2022
19 LWAC 5K Series Race 4 23 August 2022
20 Lincs XC Race 1 TBC
21 Lincs XC Race 2 TBC
22 Lincs XC Race 3 TBC
23 Lincs XC Race 4 TBC

2022 Club Championship Standings

The table below will be updated as the championship progresses.

Men Ladies
Name Points Name Points
1st Male 0 1st Female 0
2nd Male 0 2nd Femal 0
3rd Male 0 3rd Female 0
4th Male 0 4th Female 0
5th Male 0 5th Female 0
6th Male 0 6th Female 0
7th Male 0 7th Female 0
8th Male 0 8th Female 0
9th Male 0 9th Female 0
10th Male 0 10th Female 0